Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Easy Shortcut Supper - wrapup

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Final notes and thoughts on the menu
Overall, I really enjoyed this meal, chewy meat and all. Troy thought that it was a bit overly fancy for everyday. I'm not sure that I'd really label it as an "Easy Shortcut" meal, like the name implied. There's a fair amount of chopping and prep, as well as a few ingredients that I don't normally keep on hand. So compared to just slinging steaks on the grill and chucking some pre-washed mixed spring greens in a bowl, it's a bit more work. As T said, it was too fancy for everyday, not fancy enough for company.

I did like the Soda Bread recipe and will definitely remember it for those occasions when I need a quick loaf of bread. And the blueberries were a very simple and delicious dessert. A little nicer than just eating them plain, but not as decadent as if you were to serve them with a shortcake and whipped cream.

The only real dud was the sardine salad, which I sort of expected. And even though I liked the herb butter for the steak, it's unlikely that I'll make it very often since we just don't do a lot of pan-frying around here. One huge perk to living in Texas is being able to grill year-round, and we take full advantage of it. So whenever I buy steaks or salmon or pretty much anything that can go on the grill, that's where it goes.

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